What is THM?

 THM (Trim Healthy Mama) is a way of eating designed to keep your blood sugar stable. It is not a diet, it is a sustainable lifestyle. I love eating the THM way, and I love how I feel when eating this way! Yes, you'll have to say goodbye to sugar and those bad for you sweeteners, like aspartame, but there are wonderful, healthy options to replace them with. You can still eat healthy fats, you can still eat healthy carbs, you just have to keep them separate (if you are wanting to lose weight) so your body can burn them, and not store what you eat as fat. By eating this way I lost 50 pounds in four months, and it was a delicious four months 😀!  

Where to start~

*Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book


* Trim Healthy Mama Starter Book

*Gwen's Nest also has a great, free Quick Start Guide


*Special ingredients are not necessary, but they have been very helpful for me. The THM store has some wonderful products.



  1. I love how you condensed the definition!
    I love this way of eating also. I feel SO MUCH better when I stick to the plan.

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