Looking for a way to stay more organized with THM? I made one of these planners for myself, and it was so helpful that I decided to sell them in an Etsy shop. This is a Trim Healthy Mama friendly book to keep you organized, meal plan, and keep your favorite recipes all in one place! This 54 page book is beautifully disc bound with a plastic, spill-proof front and back cover. Since it is disc bound, you can move the pages around if you wish. It also comes with a 46 page refill pack! That’s enough pages to meal plan for an entire year. Simply tear your weekly menu out when done, and refill as needed (or move your menu to the back to use again in the future). This beautiful book also comes with 12 recipes. I plan on having yearly refill packs available in the future, as well. I love how I can keep everything organized in one place! Instead of looking through multiple cookbooks, notebooks, etc, I have access to everything in this one planner.
 It comes with a refill pack, enough to menu plan for a full year.
Categorize your favorite recipes by fuel setting.

            Write down your favorite recipes.

                      Comes with 12 recipes!

        Pages to keep all of your favorite recipes that are located elsewhere, in one easy to find place.

   Beautiful, plastic cover can withstand any spill in the kitchen.

         Write down any THM guidelines you have trouble remembering.

Write down ideas for easy meals that don't require recipes, so you can refer to them anytime. In mine I have things like, "Ezekial cereal, topped with cinnamon, Gentle Sweet, and a banana." This has been a life saver when I'm in that, "I don't know what to have" mode!

       The website is not cooperating with me this morning, so these pictures are a bit out of order, but you can view a video in the listing.
        Check out the link to the shop here! Wouldn't this make a great Christmas present this year?! With supply chain issues, I think more people will be shopping small business this Christmas.


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