Green-E Detox Smoothie ~ THM E~ Low Fat ~ Gluten Free

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 Do you want the health benefits of a detox smoothie, but want it to taste good? Do you want it to NOT taste like grass (other detox smoothies I've had taste very much like grass - at least what I imagine grass would taste likešŸ¤£)?! I recently tried one at a local smoothie shop, and knew I could make a better tasting one at home, but still with the same health benefits. This smoothie has about 24 net carbs, leaving room for more carbs in your E meal. If you are not going to have any more carbs in your meal or are just having this for a snack, I suggest adding half of a banana, as that really takes this smoothie to the next level!

The main stars of this smoothie are 


*detoxes and cleanses

*rich in nutrients like potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, C, K

*very hydrating

*helps alkalyze the body

*helps digestive problems


*great source of fiber

*rich in antioxidants

*helps maintain healthy skin

*fights inflammation

*gives the body lasting energy

Lemon Juice-

*helps reduce inflammation and joint pain

*removes toxins and excess water weight

*increases metabolism

*helps regulate blood sugar


*reduces inflammation

*boosts immunity

*improves digestion and protects the gut from harmful bacteria



*boosts immunity

*reduces blood sugar

A powerful blender works best for this recipe. This is the one I have, and I LOVE it! It is a powerhouse! This is currently the best deal I've ever seen on it!


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