Mini Frittatas THM-FP

 A main staple in my diet, since starting THM in April, has been these mini frittatas. They make a quick and easy lunch, or a quick supper when I'm making my family an off plan meal. Of course, they make a delicious breakfast, too!

I use my Dash to whip these up fast, but they can be made on the stove, as well. I don't know why it just seems easier, and like it's less work to use the Dash.

 First, preheat the mini griddle or your skillet, spray with cooking spray, and add chopped onions, peppers, and lean meat. In this photo I used 1/2 piece of chicken bacon per frittata, but I like to mix it up. Sometimes I use deli turkey or ham. Close the lid, and cook for two minutes.

Once the onions, peppers, and meat have sauteed for 2 minutes, add enough egg whites to fill the mini griddle. We have an abundance of eggs since we have chickens, so I always use fresh eggs, but I'm sure carton egg whites will work, too. I use the whites from two small eggs or one large egg for each frittata. 

Top the egg whites with Tajin (or your favorite seasoning) and cilantro (optional). Shut the lid, and cook until eggs are set. 

I have this very often as the main dish to an E meal, it's so versatile.

Add some fresh fruit and an on plan yogurt or shake, and you've got an easy E meal!


  1. Looks easy and delicious! Can you advise me as to what makes it an E meal?

    1. Hello! In this particular meal (Frittatas, yogurt, and grapes) the grapes are a healthy carb source, and adding them to the rest of the meal makes it an E meal.


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