How I finally gave up my coffee creamer

 Before starting THM in April of this year, I had started so many other times over the years. I loved the food, I loved how I felt, and how much energy I had when I ate the THM way. I would always get derailed by convenience foods and sugar, though. Add to that an HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) pregnancy, young kids, and then a thyroid cancer diagnosis a few years later, and I was just living in survival mode. 

I decided in April to go all in. How was this different from every time I had started before? Before, I would tell myself, "As long as you're eating mostly THM it's ok. You don't need to replace everything, you can still have your copious amounts of coffee creamer every morning 😄! You can cheat here and there. You can finish the off plan food the kids leave on their plates because it shouldn't go to waste." That way of thinking just doesn't work, or at least it doesn't for me! One thing leads to another, and then another until things spiral out of control. 

When I would start out my day with something off plan, even something as simple as off plan coffee creamer in my coffee, it was easy to tell myself another little off plan item here or there throughout the day would be ok, too. Yes, that store bought coffee creamer is delicious, creamy, and sweet, but it also is a mixture of sugar and partially hydrogenated oil (which is the extremely unhealthy trans fat). The sugar free varieties are not any better, as they contain extra chemicals. I knew all this, but I STILL couldn't give up my coffee creamer!

When the Trim Healthy Future cookbook came out I wasn't really doing THM, but I still enjoyed many of the recipes, and even made them for my family. There was a pre-order sale, so I decided to get it. This cookbook is worth the price alone just for the coffee creamer recipe that is in there! I have tried all sorts of store bought healthy creamers. A lot of people suggest certain healthy creamers that can be bought at the store, but if you are expecting a replacement for the sugary creamer you've always known and loved, you will not be happy with those replacements, either. I see this topic a lot on the THM Facebook pages. I feel like I've tried all the store bought alternatives, and I just can't make myself like them no matter how hard I try. 

I admit, the thought of having to make one more thing, and not being able to conveniently buy it was discouraging at first. Then I made it the first time, and realized just how simple it is, but best of all, it tasted like the real deal! I couldn't believe it! It literally takes me less than five minutes to make a batch that will last quite a while. You can make it any flavor you want. The picture above is a pumpkin spice one that I made. I will definitely be making a peppermint mocha version when it gets closer to Christmas! I do follow the directions in the recipe to cut back on the fat, so that I can use more of it in any fuel setting (FP, E, or S). I will end with a handy tip- if you make a double batch, it fits perfectly in your washed out store bought creamer container (the large size). 😉

*I do not make any money from THM for writing this post. I see people all the time on the Facebook groups asking about this. I'm just a mama that likes her coffee, and really likes creamer!

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